Aurora Thunderjets

In 1963, under a lot or pressure from customers that had a hard time tuning and controlling the finicky Vibrators, Aurora introduced the Thunderjet series of HO slot cars. These were far more superior to the Vibrators in many ways. They were DC powered and no longer were HO slot cars contributing to static on TV sets. You could run a vibrator on a tjet track but you would burn out a tjet by running it on an AC current Vibrator power pack.

Vibrator AC Power Pack


The Tjets were easy to service. Simple gearing and replaceable parts madeĀ  this car fun to drive. The Vibrator was thing of the past, as the Tjets were widely accepted as the HO slot car standard of the industry. Millions were sold within a matter of a few years.By 1965 Aurora sold over 25,000,000 HO slot cars. Aurora sponsored promotions where customers could “trade in” their older Vibrator cars for Tjets and some of the bodies were interchangeable. In 1964 Aurora started to use bubble pack packaging on their cars and accessories. This helped the store owners keep down the pilfering and also displayed the items well. One drawback is that bubble packs take up alot of valuable space to display. Aurora packaging is a key factor in the rarity of an item.


Thunderjet chassis.


One of the nicest Thunderjets!